test_all() calls all tests defined in this package (see the section "Tests" below). This function supports running only one test by setting an environment variable, e.g., set the DBITEST_ONLY_RESULT to a nonempty value to run only test_result().

test_some() allows testing one or more tests, it works by constructing the skip argument using negative lookaheads.

test_all(skip = NULL, ctx = get_default_context())

test_some(test, ctx = get_default_context())



A vector of regular expressions to match against test names; skip test if matching any.


A test context as created by make_context().


A character vector of regular expressions describing the tests to run.


This function runs the following tests, except the stress tests:

test_getting_started(): Getting started with testing

test_driver(): Test the "Driver" class

test_connection(): Test the "Connection" class

test_result(): Test the "Result" class

test_sql(): Test SQL methods

test_meta(): Test metadata functions

test_transaction(): Test transaction functions

test_compliance(): Test full compliance to DBI

test_stress(): Stress tests (not tested with test_all)