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DBItest 1.8.1 (2024-03-31)


  • Allow multiple warnings in disconnect tests (#363).

  • Fix specification for Arrow tests (#357).

  • Show DBItest function in backtrace (#349, #354).

  • Specify value argument for dbCreateTable() and dbCreateTableArrow() (#345).

  • Enable two tests for dbGetQueryArrow() (#342).

  • Relax dbListObjects() spec (#339, #341).


  • Avoid dplyr (#364).

  • Remove .dots argument to test_select_with_null() (#362).

  • Prefer map() over lapply() (#361) and map_*() over vapply() (#356).

  • Bump DBI dependency to fix tests (#359).

  • Document sources for autogenerated files (#353), add comments to generated code (#358).

  • Make test names unique, with a numeric suffix (#355).

  • Align with RSQLite (#351).

  • Replace unconditional skip with versioned skip (#347).

  • Consistent use of skip_if_not_dbitest() (#346).

Continuous integration

  • Modernize backends checks.


  • Use dbitemplate (@maelle, #360).

  • Mention dbBindArrow() in documentation (#350).

  • Minor specification fixes (#344).

DBItest 1.8.0 (2023-12-21)

Bug fixes

  • Fix create_roundtrip_keywords and create_roundtrip_quotes tests (#283).


  • Relax specification of dbUnquoteIdentifier(), character vectors are now allowed too.

  • Specify dbFetchChunk() (#331), dbFetchArrowChunk() (#301) and dbBindArrow() (#328).

  • Inline all tests for dbBind() (#326).

  • Require support for dbFetch(n = NA) (#296, #316).

  • New allow_na_rows_affected tweak to support NA values returned from dbGetRowsAffected() (#297, #312).

  • Switch to nanoarrow (#291).

  • Basic tests for the new db*Arrow() interface (#287).

  • New skip_if_not_dbitest() (#289).

  • reexport test uses interface for dev DBI if the backend is compatible with DBItest > 1.7.3.

  • Slightly better code generated for tweaks() (#313).

  • Remove interface to dblog in the CRAN version.


  • Add adbi to check matrix (#314).

  • Reenable ODBC MySQL tests (#288).

  • Tweak read_table_missing test (#285).


  • Remove rlang qualification (#332).

  • No longer need twice for Arrow (#302, #330).

  • Consistent use of skip_if_not_dbitest() (#317).

  • Disable Arrow skips (#303).

  • Modernize sql_union() (#304).

  • Make better use of trivial_df() (#284).


  • Avoid error if RSQLite is not installed.


  • Run DBItest for SQLite as part of the checks here (#318).

  • Enable remaining Arrow tests (#307).

  • Fix checks without suggested packages (#300).

DBItest 1.7.3 (2022-10-18)


  • Use and enable compatibility with testthat edition 3 (#263, #268). Complete removal of expect_is() (@MichaelChirico, #257).

  • Adapt to new Arrow DBI generics (#265).

  • Better stack traces for visibility tests.

  • dbQuoteIdentifier() roundtrip is tested for tables only (@dpprdan, #256).

  • test_some() also tests a test if it would normally be skipped.


  • Bump minimum DBI version to 1.1.3.

  • Refactor DBI tests in preparation for inlining them.

Bug fixes

  • Correct cleanup even if dbIsValid() is not implemented.

DBItest 1.7.2 (2021-12-17)


  • tweaks() gains dbitest_version argument to support targeting a specific version of the DBItest package. The default is 1.7.1 (#236).
  • Reuse database connection for most tests (#245).
  • New roundtrip_date_extended, roundtrip_timestamp_extended, append_roundtrip_date_extended and append_roundtrip_timestamp_extended test dates between 1800 and 2999 (#148, #249).
  • New quote_literal_empty test (#248).
  • New bind_character_escape test for binding special characters (#242).
  • New bind_time_minutes_integer test for integer durations.

Bug fixes

  • All column names are specified using lowercase on input, for compatibility with Redshift (#234).
  • column_info_consistent no longer tests mangling of column names (#181).
  • spec_sql_append_table test: Remove bad argument.


  • Improve documentation: list spec_ objects in pkgdown help index, add cross references (#128).
  • Add specification for value argument to DBI::dbWriteTable() (#235).


DBItest 1.7.1 (2021-07-30)


  • Many tests now emit simpler stack traces, because the connection is opened by the test driver and not by the test itself (#187). Reduce usage of with_remove_test_table() for better stack traces on error (#196). Remove with_*connection() (#193).
  • test_some() shows DBI code via dblog (#217) if dblog = TRUE (#226).
  • New "bind_date_integer", "bind_time_seconds" and "bind_time_hours" tests (#218).
  • New create_table_as tweak (#131).
  • "roundtrip_time" and "append_roundtrip_time" tests now also test values of class "difftime" with units other than "secs" (#199).
  • All tables created by the tests have the "dbit" prefix. Almost all tests now use random table names to avoid collisions and unrelated test failures (#197).
  • "roundtrip_timestamp" tests now accept a time zone set by the database backend (#178, #198).
  • Support more than one class of each type in DBI backend packages.

Bug fixes

  • Fix input dataset in "overwrite_table_missing" test (#210, @martinstuder).
  • Use original test name to decide if a test is skipped (#225).
  • Fix reexport test: skip if package is not installed, remove checks for deprecated functions and functions not reexported (#203).


  • Requires DBI 1.1.1.
  • Test odbc as part of the backend tests (#228).
  • Dynamic build matrix for backends (#221).
  • Compatibility with testthat 3.0.0 (#207).
  • Switch to GitHub Actions (#201).

DBItest 1.7.0 (2019-12-16)


  • Specify tests for dbGetInfo().
  • Specify immediate argument (r-dbi/DBI#268).
  • Specify dbCreateTable() and dbAppendTable() (#169).
  • New unquote_identifier_table_schema test: Identifiers of the form table.schema can be processed with dbUnquoteIdentifier().
  • Fix has_completed_statement test (#176).

Testing infrastructure

  • Document how to run tests externally and how to debug tests (#165).
  • test_*() gain new run_only = NULL argument that allow restricting the tests to be run with a positive match. test_some() uses run_only instead of constructing a regular expression with negative lookahead. This helps troubleshooting a single test with testthat::set_reporter(DebugReporter$new()) .
  • make_context() gains default_skip argument and uses the DBIConnector class.
  • Support NULL default value in driver constructor (#171).


  • Fulfill CII badge requirements (#179, @TSchiefer).
  • Use debugme.
  • Require R 3.2.
  • Avoid subsetting vectors out of bounds, for consistency with vctrs.

DBItest 1.6.0 (2018-05-03)

New checks

  • Now checking that Id() is reexported.
  • Support temporary argument in dbRemoveTable() (default: FALSE) (r-dbi/DBI#141).
  • Added specification for the behavior in case of duplicate column names (#137).
  • The bigint argument to dbConnect() is now specified. Accepts "integer64", "integer", "numeric" and "character", large integers are returned as values of that type (#133).
  • Add specification for partially filled field.types argument.
  • Specify dbRemoveTable(fail_if_missing = FALSE) (r-dbi/DBI#197).
  • Add specification for dbColumnInfo() (r-dbi/DBI#75).
  • Add specification for dbListFields() (r-dbi/DBI#75).
  • Test that named parameters are actually matched by name in dbBind(), by shuffling them (#138).
  • Explicitly specify default row.names = FALSE for dbReadTable() and dbWriteTable() (#139).
  • Add specification for writing 64-bit values, backends must support roundtripping values returned from the database (#146).
  • Add specification for the params argument to dbGetQuery(), dbSendQuery(), dbExecute() and dbSendStatement() (#159).
  • Add test for dbQuoteIdentifier(): “The names of the input argument are preserved in the output” (r-lib/DBI#173).
  • Blob tests now also read and write zero bytes ().
  • Add string encoded in Latin-1 to the character tests.
  • Added test for dbIsValid() on stale connections.

Removed checks

  • Don’t test selecting untyped NULL anymore.
  • Full interface compliance doesn’t require a method for dbGetInfo(DBIDriver) for now.
  • Remove "cannot_forget_disconnect" test that fails on R-devel (#150).
  • Methods without db prefix are not checked for ellipsis in the signature anymore.
  • Don’t specify Inf and NaN for lack of consistent support across DBMS (#142).

Updated/corrected checks

  • Fix query that is supposed to generate a syntax error.
  • Fix typo (#147, @jonmcalder).
  • Implement POSIXlt bind test correctly.
  • Improve error detection for dbBind().
  • Redesign tests for dbBind(), now queries of the form SELECT CASE WHEN (? = ?) AND (? IS NULL) THEN 1.5 ELSE 2.5 are issued. The original tests were inappropriate for RMariaDB, because an untyped placeholder is returned as a blob.
  • Transaction tests now use dbWriteTable() instead of dbCreateTable(), because some DBMS don’t support transactions for DML.
  • Fix timestamp tests for RMariaDB.
  • Fix string constants.
  • The "roundtrip_timestamp" test now correctly handles timezone information. The output timezone is ignored.
  • Clear result in spec_meta_get_info_result (#143).
  • Use named argument for n in dbGetQuery() call.
  • Minor fixes.


  • New tweak blob_cast allows specifying a conversion function to the BLOB data type.
  • New is_null_check tweak that allows specifying a function that is used when checking values for NULL. Required for RPostgres.
  • New list_temporary_tables tweak that can be enabled independently of temporary_tables to indicate that the DBMS does not support listing temporary tables.



  • Compatibility code if DBI::dbQuoteLiteral() is unavailable.
  • New trivial_query() replaces many hard-coded queries and uses non-integer values for better compatibility with RMariaDB.
  • Convert factor to character for iris data (#141).

DBItest 1.5-2 (2018-01-26)

  • Fix test that fails with “noLD”.
  • Fix NOTEs on R-devel.

DBItest 1.5-1 (2017-12-10)

  • Remove "cannot_forget_disconnect" test that fails on R-devel (#150).

DBItest 1.5 (2017-06-18)

Finalize specification. Most tests now come with a corresponding prose, only those where the behavior is not finally decided don’t have a prose version yet (#88).

New tests

  • Test behavior of methods in presence of placeholders (#120).
  • Test column name mismatch behavior for appending tables (#93).
  • Test that dbBind() against factor works but raises a warning (#91).
  • Test roundtrip of alternating empty and non-empty strings (#42).
  • Test multiple columns of different types in one statement or table (#35).
  • Test field.types argument to dbWriteTable() (#12).
  • Added tests for invalid or closed connection argument to all methods that expect a connection as first argument (#117).
  • Enabled test that tests a missing dbDisconnect().
  • Add test for unambiguous escaping of identifiers (rstats-db/RSQLite#123).
  • Reenable tests for visibility (#89).
  • Fix and specify 64-bit roundtrip test.
  • 64-bit integers only need to be coercible to numeric and character (#74).
  • Added roundtrip test for time values (#14).
  • Added tweaks for handling date, time, timestamp, … (#53, #76).
  • Test that dbFetch() on update-only query returns warning (#66).

Adapted tests

  • NULL is a valid value for the row.names argument, same as FALSE.
  • A column named row_names receives no special handling (#54).
  • A warning (not an error anymore) is expected when calling dbDisconnect() on a closed or invalid connection.
  • row.names = FALSE is now the default for methods that read or write tables.
  • Add NA to beginning and end of columns in table roundtrip tests (#24).
  • Stricter tests for confusion of named and unnamed SQL parameters and placeholders (#107).
  • Also check names of all returned data frames.
  • The return value for all calls to dbGetQuery(), dbFetch(), and dbReadTable() is now checked for consistency (all columns have the same length, length matches number of rows) (#126).
  • Removed stress tests that start a new session.
  • Allow hms (or other subclasses of difftime) to be returned as time class (#135, @jimhester).
  • Test that dates are of type numeric (#99, @jimhester).
  • Replace POSIXlt by POSIXct (#100, @jimhester).
  • Use "PST8PDT" instead of "PST" as time zone (#110, @thrasibule).
  • Added tests for support of blob objects (input and output), but backends are not required to return blob objects (#98).
  • The logical_return, date_typed and timestamp_typed tweaks are respected by the bind tests.
  • Fixed tests involving time comparison; now uses UTC timezone and compares against a difftime.
  • Tests for roundtrip of character values now includes tabs, in addition to many other special characters (#85).
  • Make sure at least one table exists in the dbListTables() test.
  • Fix roundtrip tests for raw columns: now expecting NULL and not NA entries for SQL NULL values.
  • Fix expect_equal_df() for list columns.
  • Testing that a warning is given if the user forgets to call dbDisconnect() or dbClearResult() (#103).
  • Numeric roundtrip accepts conversion of NaN to NA (#79).


  • Fix R CMD check errors.
  • Internal consistency checks (#114).
  • Skip patterns that don’t match any of the tests now raise a warning (#84).
  • New test_some() to test individual tests (#136).
  • Use desc instead of devtools (#40).
  • All unexpected warnings are now reported as test failures (#113).
  • DBItest_tweaks class gains a $ method, accessing an undefined tweak now raises an error.
  • The arguments of the tweaks() function now have default values that further describe their intended usage.
  • New with_closed_connection(ctx = ctx, ), with_invalid_connection(ctx = ctx, ), with_result() and with_remove_test_table() helpers, and expect_visible(), expect_inbisible_true(), and expect_equal_df() expectations for more concise tests.

DBItest 1.4 (2016-12-02)

DBI specification

  • Use markdown in documentation.
  • Description of parametrized queries and statements (#88).
  • New hidden DBIspec-wip page for work-in-progress documentation.
  • Get rid of “Format” and “Usage” sections, and aliases, in the specs.


  • Not testing for presence of max.connections element in dbGetInfo(Driver) (rstats-db/DBI#56).
  • Test multi-row binding for queries and statements (#96).
  • New ellipsis check that verifies that all implemented DBI methods contain ... in their formals. This excludes show() and all methods defined in this or other packages.
  • Refactored bind_ tests to use the new parameter_pattern tweak (#95).
  • Rough draft of transaction tests (#36).
  • New fetch_zero_rows test, split from fetch_premature_close.
  • The “compliance” test tests that the backend package exports exactly one subclass of each DBI virtual class.
  • Document and enhance test for dbDataType("DBIDriver", "ANY") (#88).
  • Minor corrections for “bind” tests.


  • Isolate stress tests from main test suite (#92).
  • Refactor test specification in smaller modules, isolated from actual test execution (#81). This breaks the documentation of the tests, which will be substituted by a DBI specification in prose.
  • Align description of binding with code.
  • Refactor tests for dbBind(), test is run by BindTester class, and behavior is specified by members and by instances of the new BindTesterExtra class.
  • The skip argument to the test_() functions is again evaluated with perl = TRUE to support negative lookaheads (#33).
  • Use dbSendStatement() and dbExecute() where appropriate.
  • Avoid empty subsections in Rd documentation to satisfy R CMD check (#81).

DBItest 1.3 (2016-07-07)

Bug fixes

  • Fix read_table test when the backend actually returns the data in a different order.

New tests

  • Test dbDataType() on connections (#69, #75, @imanuelcostigan).
  • Check returned strings for UTF-8 encoding (#72).
  • Repeated dbBind() + dbFetch() on the same result set (#51).


  • tweaks() gains an ... as first argument to support future/deprecated tweaks (with a warning), and also to avoid unnamed arguments (#83).
  • testthat now shows a more accurate location for the source of errors, failures, and skips (#78).
  • Aggregate skipped tests, only one skip() call per test function.
  • Indicate that some tests are optional in documentation (#15).


  • New constructor_relax_args tweak, currently not queried.
  • The ctx argument is now explicit in the test functions.
  • Change underscores to dashes in file names.
  • Remove testthat compatibility hack.
  • New all_have_utf8_or_ascii_encoding() which vectorizes has_utf8_or_ascii_encoding().
  • Test on AppVeyor (#73).
  • Work around regression in R 3.3.0 (fix scheduled for R 3.3.1) which affected stress tests.

DBItest 1.2 (2016-05-21)

  • Infrastructure
    • Support names for contexts (@hoesler, #67).
    • The skip argument to the test functions is now treated as a Perl regular expression to allow negative lookahead. Use skip = "(?!test_regex).*" to choose a single test to run (#33).
    • Added encoding arguments to non-ASCII string constants (#60, @hoesler).
  • Improve tests
    • simultaneous_connections test always closes all connections on exit (@hoesler, #68).
    • More generic compliance check (@hoesler, #61).
    • Update documentation to reflect test condition (@imanuelcostigan, #70).
  • testthat dependency
    • Import all of testthat to avoid R CMD check warnings.
    • Compatibility with dev version of testthat (#62).
  • Improve Travis builds
    • Use container-based builds on Travis.
    • Install RPostgres and RMySQL from rstats-db.
    • Install DBI and testthat from GitHub.

Version 1.1 (2016-02-12)

  • New feature: tweaks
    • New argument tweaks to make_context() (#49).
    • New tweaks(), essentially constructs a named list of tweaks but with predefined and documented argument names.
    • constructor_name, respected by the constructor.* tests.
    • strict_identifier, if TRUE all identifier must be syntactic names even if quoted. The quoting test is now split, and a part is ignored conditional to this tweak. The roundtrip_quotes tests also respects this tweak.
    • omit_blob_tests for DBMS that don’t have a BLOB data type.
    • current_needs_parens – some SQL dialects (e.g., BigQuery) require parentheses for the functions current_date, current_time and current_timestamp.
    • union, for specifying a nonstandard way of combining queries. All union queries now name each column in each subquery (required for bigrquery).
  • New tests
  • Improved tests
    • Stress test now installs package in temporary library (before loading DBI) using R CMD INSTALL before loading DBI (rstats-db/RSQLite#128, #48).
    • Row count is now tested for equality but not identity, so that backends can return a numeric value > 2^31 at their discretion.
    • Call dbRemoveTable() instead of issuing DROP requests, the latter might be unsupported.
    • Use subqueries in queries that use WHERE.
    • Test that dbClearResult() on a closed result set raises a warning.
    • Expect a warning instead of an error for double disconnect (#50).
    • Move connection test that requires dbFetch() to test_result().
    • Split can_connect_and_disconnect test.
    • Expect DBI to be in Imports, not in Depends.
  • Removed tests
    • Remove test for dbGetException() (rstats-db/DBI#51).
  • Bug fixes
    • Fix broken tests for quoting.
  • Self-testing
    • Test RPostgres, RMySQL, RSQLite and RKazam as part of the Travis-CI tests (#52).
    • Travis CI now installs rstats-db/DBI, updated namespace imports (dbiCheckCompliance(), dbListResults()).
    • Use fork of testthat.
  • Utilities
    • Return test results as named array of logical. Requires hadley/testthat#360, gracefully degrades with the CRAN version.
  • Internal
    • Refactored the get_info_() tests to use a vector of names.
    • Use versioned dependency for DBI
    • Use unqualified calls to dbBind() again

Version 1.0 (2015-12-17)

  • CRAN release
    • Eliminate errors on win-builder
    • Satisfy R CMD check
    • Use LGPL-2 license
    • Add RStudio as copyright holder
    • Move devtools package from “Imports” to “Suggests”

Version 0.3 (2015-11-15)

  • Feature-complete, ready for review
  • Tests from the proposal
    • Add missing methods to compliance check
    • Add simple read-only test (#27)
    • Add stress tests for repeated load/unload (with and without connecting) in new R session (#2),
    • Migrate all tests from existing backends (#28)
    • Refactor data_ tests to use a worker function test_select()
    • Test tables with NA values above and below the non-NA value in data_ tests
    • Test return values and error conditions for dbBind() and dbClearResult() (#31)
    • Test vectorization of dbQuoteString() and dbQuoteIdentifier() (#18)
    • Test that dates have integer as underlying data type (#9)
    • Roundtrip tests sort output table to be sure (#32)
    • Test NA to NULL conversion in dbQuoteString(), and false friends (#23)
    • Enhance test for dbQuoteIdentifier() (#30)
  • Style
    • Avoid using data.frame() for date and time columns (#10)
    • Use expect_identical() instead of expect_equal() in many places (#13)
    • Catch all errors in on.exit() handlers via expect_error() (#20).
    • Combine “meta” tests into new test_meta() (#37)
  • Documentation
    • New “test” vignette (#16)
    • Add package documentation (#38)
  • Same as 0.2-5

Version 0.2 (2015-11-11)

  • Tests from the proposal
    • SQL
    • Metadata
    • DBI compliance (not testing read-only yet)
  • Migrate most of the tests from RMySQL
  • Test improvements
    • Test BLOB data type (#17)
    • Check actual availability of type returned by dbDataType() (#19)
  • Testing infrastructure
    • Disambiguate test names (#21)
    • Use regex matching for deciding skipped tests, skip regex must match the entire test name
  • Documentation
    • Document all tests in each test function using the new inline documentation feature of roxygen2
    • Improve documentation for test_all(): Tests are listed in new “Tests” section
    • Add brief instructions to README
  • Move repository to rstats-db namespace
  • Same as 0.1-6

Version 0.1 (2015-10-11)

  • First GitHub release
  • Builds successfully on Travis
  • Testing infrastructure
    • Test context
    • Skipped tests call skip()
    • Function test_all() that runs all tests
  • Tests from the proposal
    • Getting started
    • Driver
    • Connection
    • Results
  • Code formatting is checked with lintr
  • Same as 0.0-5